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Lakota West Football Traditions
Lakota West Football Creed This was established in 1998 season.  It defines a Lakota West Football player.  The team says this to end all team practices and workouts.  Every player is expected to know the creed and recite it at any time.  Those players that try everyday to emulate the creed will be successful on the field, in the classroom and in every aspect of your life.  You must strive everyday to live by the creed.
I am a Lakota West Football Player

I will put my team first.

I am dependable

I am an example on and off the field.

I am respected for my work ethic, honesty, mental and physical toughness and

I will never make excuses.

This is the creed of a Firebird.

Victory Bell The victory bell was established with the 1999 season.  This was the first winning season since the beginning of the program in 1997.  The Firebirds wanted to celebrate each victory with the entire school and community by ringing the bell.  Home or away we ring the victory bell with each win.  “Ring the Bell!”
Team meals Team meals began with the inception of the program in 1997.  Some years have had the team meals on Thursday night before the game and in some years meals were served right after school on game day.  Whenever it was served, the Firebirds came together as a team to break bread and share in the bonding of a nutritional pre-game meal. Meals were organized, planned and cooked by the Lakota West Football moms and dads.
Football Banquet The football banquet was established with the 2000 season.  Originally, the athletic department had only a fall sports awards night with the conclusion of the fall season.  The Firebird football team wanted to make this night extra special for the conclusion of not only the season but a way to celebrate the culmination of a career for the West seniors.  Jane Hutzelman and Sharon Leimberger spearheaded the efforts in the first ever banquet at the Mariners Inn.  It has grown into a family event that is held on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  It’s definitely a highlight for the entire team and the conclusion of a senior year for both players and parents.
Respect All-Fear None Lakota West football has a reputation of playing anyone, anywhere, anytime.  The Greater Miami Conference is the toughest conference in the state and the Lakota West non-conference schedule will always boast top competition. This is evident by fact that they have played three out of the four G.C.L. schools, the top schools from the F.A.V.C. and from Dayton.  For many consecutive seasons, the Firebirds have played in the Skyline Chili Cross-town Showdown and this season is no different. West has also taken on the prestigious challenge of playing in the Herbstreit Ohio vs. U.S.A. challenge facing St. Rita (Chicago).
West Pride! West Pride! is a Lakota West football players’ battle cry.  It means we have and always will give our best in everything we do.  It means we are representing players that played before us, our current team and players of the future in a manner befitting a Lakota West Football Player (see creed).  Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it and do it that way every time.
“Pride” Stickers Players can earn pride stickers for their helmet with outstanding play.  However, there is a catch, you are only eligible for stickers if you win.  The team must win and you must have outstanding effort and then you can receive a “Pride” sticker.  The more stickers you see on a Lakota West football helmets, the more wins West has and that particular player has made a dramatic impact on the team.
Senior Helmet All seniors on the Lakota West football team will have an outline of a helmet hung on the stadium fence with their name and number on it.  At the conclusion of the season, the seniors receive the helmet at the banquet.
Tunnel of Pride The Lakota West Football tunnel was developed in the 2003 season by John and Kristen Spanogians.  At the conclusion of each season, seniors autograph the sides to give upcoming players a historical perspective.  There is no greater pump, than coming out of the tunnel on game night.  Players describe it as floating on air as they take the field.
Pipeline to the NCAA As of this fall, Lakota West football will have had over 80 players play college football at various levels.  Every spring and fall college coaches come to the football office and inquire about upcoming talent.  They know we have the right mix of academics and athletics to make a good potential player.  From division one to division three.  From the Ivy league to the Big ten, Lakota West has more college coaches visiting than any other school in the league.