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Bomb Squad

The Lakota West Bomb Squad was started during the basketball season of 1991 by Brian Castner, Scott Harvey, David Wheeler and 9 of their Lakota High friends.The Bomb Squad was created to provide a serious fan base for all boy’s and girl’s basketball games. They wanted every time a team came to play the Lakota Thunderbirds, that they were also playing against another variable, “The Bomb Squad.”However, there were some rules involved as the principal and athletic director of Lakota at the time took the 12 of them out of lunch and layed down a foundation of pride/respect, that still exists at Lakota Schools.These 12 students led all of the cheers at the basketball games on top of what the cheerleaders did. The Bomb Squad also did a lot for the community, most notibly was selling a lot of t-shirts for the Kristen Rennecker Fund, which was started for a girl’s basketball player who died in a car accident.The legend of these 12 students still lives on in the Lakota West High School, as the whole senior class can now be eligible to be in the Bomb Squad.