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Multiple Teams · Lakota West Volleyball Alum: Liz McMahon Stars For USA at Pan Am Cup Tournament!

The United States Women’s national volleyball team won the Pan Am Cup tournament concluded last week. The USA posted a 7-0 record while competing against twelve national teams representing the top volleyball countries of South, Central, and North America. The tournament was held in Lima and Canete, Peru. This tournament started on June 17 with the finals having been played on June 25.

The US had one close call eking out a two point fifth set win against Puerto Rico on the third day. Liz McMahon (Lakota West 2011) was the team points leader with 27 much needed points against Puerto Rico. McMahon also scored a team high of 16 points against host team Peru in the semi-finals. Tournament individual honors were awarded to ten of the of the 168 athletes competing in this years Pan Am Cup. Liz McMahon was one of those ten by being named as the Best Opposite (note 1) in the tournament.

The Pan Am Cup win qualifies the USA with a berth in the upcoming World Grand Prix tournament which will feature the top 32 National Teams from around the world. This tournament will be played at various locations between July 7 and August 6. The US will open the competion against Russia in a game to be played in Kunshan, China on July 7. The final rounds of this tournament will be played in Nanjing China in early August.

Lexi Dannemiller (Lakota West 2011) is one of the 21 players assigned to the United States Team but was not one of the 14 selected for the Pam Am Cup tournament roster.

(note1) Opposite is one of the volleyball positions. It is the front line outside player who lines up on the same side of the floor as the opposing teams setter.

written by Bob Ashby, Lakota Sports Information