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Firebirds News · Lakota West Track & Field: Firebirds Have Solid First Day at GMC Championships

After Day 1 of the GMC Championships, the Lakota West Boys Track and Field Team find themselves sitting in third place with 25 points, two points behind second place Sycamore and 15 points behind Mason.  The girls team currently sits in 4th place with 14 points, only two points behind 2nd place Hamilton.

The girls 4X800  team of Sophomore Lexi Iles, Sophomore Hannah Riesenberg, Junior Emma Cunningham and Senior Meredith Elstun finished second and put the first eight points on the board for the Firebirds.  The boys 4X800 team of Sophomore Alex Kelker, Senior Kevin Riesenberg, Junior Garrett Shelby and Junior Noah Mang finished third contributing six points to the team total.

In the field events, Freshman Ayana Johnson jumped 4-10.00 ft in the high jump finishing in 4th place.  Junior Cedric Thomas jumped 20-11.00 ft in the long jump finishin in 7th and contributing two points to the team’s total.  In discus, Senior David Walcott threw for 135-08.00 ft and a fourth place finish.  Benjamin Dangel reached 12-00.00 on the pole vault for a third place finish.

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Admission to Friday’s GMC finals at Mason is $4 for students and $6 for adults.  Field events start at 4:00pm and running events start at 6:00pm.

Looking ahead to Friday’s finals at Mason High School, several athletes will be competing:

-Senior Bekah Robertson, 100 hurdles, 4 seed
-Senior Andrew Whitaker, 110 hurdles, 5 seed
-Senior Brandon Gillis, 110 hurdles, 3 seed
-Senior Sarah Nwaobasi, 100 Dash, 8 seed
-Girls 800 Relay, 3 seed
-Boys 800 Relay, 6 seed
-Sophomore Hannah Riesenberg, 1600, 4 seed
-Senior Meredith Elstun, 1600, 9 seed
-Sophomore Alex Kelker, 1600, 9 seed
-Junior Noah Mang, 1600, 14 seed
-Boys Relay, 7 seed
-Senior Logan Currington, 400 Dash, 3 seed
-Senior Bekah Robertson, 300 hurdles, 4 seed
-Senior Brandon Gillis, 300 hurdles, 1 seed
-Senior Andrew Whitaker, 300 hurdles, 3 seed
-Sophomore Hannah Riesenberg, 800 run, 4 seed
-Sophomore Lexi Illes, 800 run, 15 seed
-Sophomore Alex Kelker, 800 run, 12 seed
-Senior Kevin Risenberg, 800 run, 14 seed
-Senior Meredith Elstun, 3200 run, 7 seed
-Junior Ali Hausfeld, 3200 run, 9 seed
-Senior Garrett Shelby, 3200 run, 6 seed
-Junior Noah Mang, 3200 run, 11 seed
-Girls 1600 relay, 5 seed
-Boys 1600 relay, 4 seed
-Senior Logan Currington, high jump, 2 seed
-Senior Kennedy Gray, high jump, 6 seed
-Sophomore Megan Motolik, long jump, 9 seed
-Junior Sarah Jones, long jump, 3 seed
-Freshman Kristen Hartzell, discus, 11 seed
-Sophomore Trinity Hamm, discus, 12 seed
-Junior Joey Engle, shot put, 14 seed
-Sophomore Steven Faucheaux, shot put, 2 seed
-Sophomore Isabel Steen, pole vault, 5 seed
-Sophomore Morgan Swensgard, pole vault, 6 seed