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Multiple Teams · Lakota School Board Cuts Extracurricular Fees in Half

Recently, the Lakota Board of Education approved at a special board meeting the lowering of athletic, marching band and winter/color guard fees for junior high and high school students.

“This is great for our families and my hope is it allows more students to take part in these extra curricular activities.  I applaude our school board and cental office administration for working to make this happen,” said Lakota West Principal Elgin Card

“My sincere appreciation to the Board of Education, Treasurer and Administration.  This is a wonderful announcement that can benefit all of our students.  We know that kids who get involved in school activities tend to be more successful than those that don’t.  This fee reduction will make it possible for more kids to get involved with more activities,” said Lakota West Athletic Director Scott Kaufman.

“I applaud the leadership of our schools for taking an important step in giving our students a fair financial chance at participating in extra-curricular activities which play such an important part in a students overall education.  I personally hope to see big increases in both football and track,” said Lakota West Head Football and Track Coach Larry Cox.

“The reduction in the fee is a positive step forward for the district. Extra curricular activities are paramount to the development of well rounded people. As a coach, I hope that this reduction eases the burden on families and allows for more participation in all sports throughout the district,” said Lakota West Head Wrestling Coach Tony Bradberry.

School Board Release:

Lakota Board Lowers Extracurricular Fees to Expand Student Access
Posted on 09/21/2016

In an effort to expand student access to opportunities beyond the classroom, the Lakota Board of Education approved at a special board meeting the lowering of athletic, marching band and winter/color guard fees for junior high and high school students.

It’s only the first step in the board’s complete analysis of all student opportunities and associated fees to continue into October. To potentially expand the footprint of this reduction and promote increased participation in all activities, the board will soon be reviewing and considering potential changes to the fee structure for other student opportunities, too.

“Rather than waiting until next school year, we wanted to expedite this change for a more immediate benefit to our students and families this year,” said Chief Operating Officer Chris Passarge. “We hope this change, and any additional changes to follow, will encourage more students to explore more activities.”

The decision followed a recent comparative review of athletic fees for all other schools participating in the Greater Miami Conference.

“Even after our efforts to lower fees as promised through the last levy, Lakota students are still paying more than double the closest rate among our GMC competitors,” said Lakota Treasurer Jenni Logan.

“Other financial efficiencies since then have put us in a much more stable financial position,” continued Logan, noting such efforts as continuous bond refinancing and the district’s annual efforts to lower the cost of employee healthcare benefits. “We know the financial burden extracurricular fees introduce to our families and we are always pleased to redirect a portion of our savings in other areas to expanded student opportunities.”

The overall financial impact to the school district will be about $750,000 annually, or just half a percent of the total annual budget.

The extracurricular fees for students in grades 7-12 will be exactly half the current amount, effective for students participating in the winter and spring sessions. Fees paid for the 2016 fall season will be applied to the family cap for the 2016-2017 school year.

“The annual family cap will also be reduced by half, helping offset the cost difference for those students who participated in fall activities under the current rate,” Logan said.

The new fee schedule will be enforced on a sliding scale for economically disadvantaged students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.


Revised Fees

Junior High School Athletics (Grades 7-8)

$150 per student/per sport

High School Athletics (Grades 9-12)
Marching Band, Color/Winter Guard

$200 per student/per activity


Revised Annual Family Cap


1 student


2 students


3 students


4 students