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Multiple Teams · Lakota Sports Physicals – Please Read

Parents of student athletes,

I wanted to take this opportunity to make you aware of a change within the Athletic Department that will impact all student athletes (and their families) district wide. Starting this spring, physicals will not be offered through the school district and families will have to make arrangements through their primary care physician or another alternative. Below is the rationale that has been provided by our team of physicians for this change. Please understand this change is not in any way related to the district’s financial position. The change is a direct response to the need for increasingly thorough pre-participation physical examinations and is being made to ensure the safety of all our student athletes district-wide. Please direct any questions to Rich Bryant, District Athletic Director.

Dear Lakota Parents,            

Reports of sports-related illness and unexpected deaths in recent years has pushed many to re-assess the best approach to offering student athletes pre-participation physical examinations. The new pre-participation assessment form that is strongly recommended by the Ohio High School Athletic Association is six pages in length.  It requires a thorough family medical history, a more detailed cardiac exam, a concussion history and there are counseling requirements pertaining to adolescent social issues. Based on these factors, we have determined that current requirements for sports physicals can no longer be met in the traditional mass screening format.  As a result, we will no longer administer pre-participation screenings at Lakota Schools. It is our sincere belief that our student athletes’ health interests are better served in a private, one-on-one, physical examination with their own caregiver. That caregiver may be a pediatrician, primary care physician, advance nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant (working in conjunction with a physician).   For those student athletes who do not currently have a primary care physician, referral assistance is available. We will do our best to accommodate those unable to obtain/afford a physician to perform this examination.

We are asking for your support as we make this transition. While this change may seem inconvenient, it is absolutely necessary to ensure the health and wellbeing of all of your student athletes.  Previous methods, which were established some 20 years ago, simply cannot meet the needs that our student athletes have now. 


 Sincerely yours,


J. Doug Abbott, MD               Scott Albright, MD                 Timothy J. Linker, MD


Thank you for your support and understanding,


Rich Bryant
Athletic Director
Lakota Local Schools


To download a copy of the Physical Form, please follow this link: