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J. Kyle Braid

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braidThe J.Kyle Braid Ranch was created by Ken and Colleen Braid in Villa Grove, Colorado. The motivation for starting such a foundation was the death of their only son Kyle. As a sophomore in high school, Kyle was heavily involved with his school’s varsity football team, and chose to start using anabolic steriods in order to get bigger and stronger. The steriods took control over him, causing severe depression and mood swings, and eventually Kyle took his own life. Ken and Colleen, along with all other directors of the ranch, have dedicated their lives to helping teenagers have a positive impact on their peers, school, and community. Every year about 160 sophomore student athletes attend the ranch for a week in the summer, around 20 people each week, to receive leadership training and get to know other leaders around the country. They also get to go white-water rafting, horse back riding, skeet shooting, paintballing, and much more.Aftermath: After recipients attend the ranch and learn how to be a better positive role model and leader, the objective has only begun. The Braids’ mission is not only to train the teenage leaders of America, but to have them go back and train others and share what they have learned. When the finalists are chosen at each school for the ranch, they are also selected to be a part of a two-year committee. Participents are expected to come back from their experience and use what they learned in their school and community throughout their junior and senior years. If they can change a couple peoples’ lives, and those couple can change another couple, and so on and so forth, this country would be a much better place. That is what Ken and Colleen are hoping for. It is a fact that when teenagers are having problems, more than 85% of them go to other teenagers for help. Teens have the greatest chance of influencing their peers. Not teachers, not coaches, not even their own parents. If people want the youth of the nation to turn out better than what they are now, the answer is the youth of the nation

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Activities: The J.Kyle Braid Committee participates in many community service and charity events in the community, as well as several things to help out Lakota West. Each year, the J. Kyle Braid group in all of Butler County organizes and conducts a 2 day countywide conference – Teens Leading Teens – for 9th grade leaders, which is attended by more than 100 local freshman every year. During these two days we teach the students Refusal and Negotiation Skills, as well as teambuilding activities. Another annual event they participate in is Relay for Life, which is an 18 hour walk for cancer patients. Teams are formed and compete to raise the most money, which is all donated to the American Cancer Society. The J.Kyle Braid group is a team, and does many fundraisers to earn money. At West the JKB group runs dodgeball tournaments and euchre tournaments to give students chances to meet new people and get closer with their classmates, along with talking to sports teams about their commitments to their teammates and themselves.


JKB Award Winners
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Gerald Parker
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Chris Alles
Steve Rapien
Gina Lower
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Lindsay Devereaux
Kara McCue
Dave Rapien
Chelsea York
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John Alshouse
David Griffin
Taylor Candella
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Brandon Posten
Cody Carrol
Stephanie Comizar
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Bri Eisenhardt
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Victoria Bachand
Marissa Steen
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Christine Brewer
Kelsey Betz
Claire Kozlowski
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Bari Schwartz
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Yasmin Moftakhar
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